Introduction :

Wireless LAN (WLAN) service is implemented in all IVE campuses and VTC headquarters. Users can connect to the VTC network via radio signal without the use of physical network cables and ports. To use the service, minimum requirement is:

  • A VTC Computer and Network Account (CNA)/Email account
  • A web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)

Objective of Wireless LAN project:

  • To implement Wireless LAN service for IVE students and staffs of VTC for mobile PC access to Internet/Intranet and Web-based Teaching/Learning services.
  • Since the implementation of the Campus Network in the IVE campuses, majority of the classrooms, laboratories and staff rooms are connected to the network. However, users might still require network access in some areas like library, student canteen and some open areas. To further facilitate both teaching and learning with the aid of mobile PCs, implementation of Wireless LAN could provide students and staff with more access throughout the campus.

Who can connect to the Wireless LAN :

  • All IVE students and staff of VTC with a valid email / Computer and Network Account can connect to Wireless LAN.
  • All notebook computer should have a Wireless LAN card which is compatible to the Wi-Fi standard. The Wireless LAN card obtains a IP address from DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server
  • If guest or visitor need to access VTC WLAN service, please contact local support for arrangement via section or department.