Where can I use the Wireless LAN (WLAN) ?

Currently more than 1000 access points are installed throughout VTC headquarters and all IVE campuses to provide WLAN service.

How to connect the Wireless LAN (WLAN) ?

Please see the guide.

Can students/staffs use their own WLAN card ?

Yes. WLAN card which is compatible to the Wi-Fi standard can connect the WLAN. No need to register your WLAN card.

Do I need to buy notebook computer and WLAN card ?

Notebook computers and WLAN cards are available for students and staffs to borrow from Library.

Can wireless signals pass through walls ?

Transmitting through a wall is possible depending upon the material used in its construction. In general, metals and substances with a high water content do not allow radio waves to pass through. Metals reflect radio waves and concrete attenuates radio waves. The amount of attenuation suffered in passing through concrete will be a function of its thickness and amount of metal re-enforcement used.

If the connection signal is weak or unstable, how can I solve ?

Under Coverage of the WLAN, wireless client can connect to WLAN. To improve the connection signal, please try to change the position and direction of mobile client.

What is the suggested usage of Wireless LAN ?

  • Internet browsing
  • E-mail
  • Moodle e-Learning
  • Library Catalogues

Do I need to login ?

Yes. Before you can connect to the WLAN, user authentication is required for security purpose. You are prompted for a valid logon. Please use your Computer and Network Account to logon.

Does it support guest login ?

No. If a guest or visitor want to connect to WLAN, please contact local support via department.

I can't still solve my problem on WLAN. How can I get support ?

Please ask your local support.

What is Y5Zone hotspot?

Y5Zone hotspots provide Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet service in public locations such as shopping malls and fast food chains etc. Using either a notebook computer or Smartphone that is Wi-Fi 802.11b/g enabled, you can access the Internet.

What do I need to access the Y5Zone as a VTC student?

You will need TWO things to begin using Y5Zone hotspots.

  1. A notebook computer or a Smartphone with wireless capability.
  2. A standard Internet-ready browser on any operating system. No additional software is required.

How the Y5Zone works?

Y5Zone hotspots installs access points throughout each service location, which transmit a radio signal to a user's Wi-Fi enabled machines. With wireless network card installed, a customer launches their browsers from within a Y5Zone service location and receives a login page to enter their CNA login (e.g.999999999@stu.vtc.edu.hk) and password. Once their account information is verified, they are able to connect to the Internet.

How VTC students and staffs become Y5Zone hotspot users?

Y5Zone wireless service is provided to all full time students and staffs of VTC.

What will be the coverage of the wireless signal within the hotspot?

The wireless signal of the Access Point usually can cover users within 50m range in a closed environment. The data rate will drop as the user is further away from the access point and wireless signal strength becomes weaker.

Is there any connection timeout for Y5Zone?

There is an idle timeout of 10 minutes. You will be disconnected from the Y5Zone.

I forget to logout before turning off my notebook or Smartphone. Am I already disconnected?

Turning off your notebook computer or Smartphone might require to reconnect your login. You will be automatically be logged out after a 10 minutes idle period.

My notebook computer is idle and go into sleep mode automatically. Am I still connecting to the service?

Yes, you are still connecting to our service. After you have waked your device up, you should be able to access the Internet without going through the login procedure. If the 10 minutes timeout session is reached, you need to login again before you can access the Internet.

My notebook computer or Smartphone hangs while I am using Y5Zone. Should I re-connect after reboot?

After you restart your device, you need to reconnect to access the Internet.